GRASS GIS --> Cesium

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Hi! What GRASS GIS export formats are supported in Cesium - any option to use png, gtiff or similar?

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I need to render terrain data in 3D online.

Hi Peter,

I’m not very familiar with GRASS GIS, but Cesium supports the following:



  • Supports data from single tile, WMS, TMS, WMTS (with time dynamic imagery), ArcGIS, Bing Maps, Google Earth, Mapbox, and Open Street Map servers

  • See the Imagery Layers Showcase, or take a look at the Imagery Layers Tutorial for more information.

Vector formats:

**3D Models: **

  • glTF models

  • We provide an online converter to convert COLLADA and OBJ files to glTF.

  • 3D Tiles streams heterogeneous 3D data, including photogrammetry models, 3D buildings, CAD and BIM exterior and interiors, and point clouds

The Features Checklist page is a great resource as well, thanks!

Let me know if you have any additional questions or feedback.