Sources for glTF format models. Looking for an animated quadcopter model

Has anyone found a good commercial source for glTF format models?
I'm looking to purchase a 3D model of a quadcopter (with animated blades if possible) but glTF seems sparsely supported.
There seem to be some converters but I'd like to be confident in the success of a conversion before spending money on both the model in the wrong format and the converter.



glTF is a runtime format (for engines like Cesium), not an interchange format (for modeling tools). I’m not aware of any sites selling models in glTF, but most will support COLLADA. Perhaps these sites have a reasonable return policy if you run into converter issues?


Most people use


Hi Patrick, thank you for replying to these messages. Since your last message I have bought 2 different Collada animated drone (quadcopter) models from two of the big 3D model markets, turbosquid and CGTrader but have not been successful in converting them correctly to glTF with

The CGTrader model was advertised with Collada as an available format. With this .DAE, the converter runs and produces a gltf but all the animated parts (the propellers etc) are missing when I use the model in Cesium using the exact same code as the Cesium_Air sandcastle sample.

TurboSquid did a tech support conversion to Collada for me of their model. When I use this model, there is nothing showing in the viewing area of the converter and when I try to use the glTF in cesium I get errors from the cesium renderer and all rendering stops.

I really need a working animated model and after spending $$$ and late nights on this, I am no closer to success.

Have you any advice on how to investigate the conversion issues I am having? The CGTrader model seems my best bet since at least the body of the model renders (with textures) but I am clueless as to how to investigate further.


Have you looked at the troubleshooting section of the 3D models tutorial?