Spawn World3Dtileset by Blueprints

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The quick start guide is good, but I want to spawn my Cesium actors with blueprints that provides better flexibility (e.g. when to start loading the tiles, when to hide the tiles when not necessary). After some tests I have arrived to the following blueprint which spawns a CesiumTileset and automatically creates a CesiumCreditSystem and CesiumGeoreference. However, the tileset does not have textures ??? PS: I had to set Ion Asset ID to 1 otherwise the tileset geometries were also missing.

Actually It is a duplicate of this

which is solved by Add Raster Ion Overlay !

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Hi there friends and distinguished community members,

It seems to be the problem you are facing is resovled. I would like offer you a more useful method.

1 Create Cesium3DTileset Actor Blueprint.

2 Edit Ion Access Token and ID

3 Click on the Add Component and select the CesiumIonRasterOverlay, and finally edit “Ion Access Token” and “ID”

4 Create One Fuction for test functionality

5 Open Level Blueprint spawn CustomMapActor and call function.

6 Click on the Play and see results