stability testing of Cesium app on mobile devices

After testing my sample app on many mobile devices (Android and iOS)
and web browsers, I conclude the following observations for reference:

(The tested web site:

  1.  Android

v.s. iOS:

(1) Android

All devices work fine.

(2) iOS

a. device on Landscape mode:

all devices work fine.

b. device on Portrait mode:

(a) normal
screen mode: error occurred(or unstable) on all iOS devices.

(b) full screen mode: all
devices work fine.

  1.  Performance

on rendering the OSM base map

devices on
Landscape mode get better performance than that on Portrait mode.

  1.  bgltf v.s.


(1) gltf:
stable on mobile device and web browser.

(2) bgltf: unstable on mobile
device, but stable on web browser.