Still have kml issues with 1.19

I had submitted one of our sample kml files a while back that we were having issues with. I knew that some changes were coming to the support of kml, so we were hoping the issues would be resolved when the kml supported was updated. I’m not sure if this is still an open issue or not, so I was re-posting the image along with the kml. it’s my understanding that this rendered correctly in Google earth, but I can’t verify this since Google earth is blocked from being installed on my machine.



whiteDome.kml (58.9 KB)

This is the issue you are looking for: (which links back to your original forum post).

It has not been fixed and as far as I know it’s not on anyone’s near-term roadmap. The issue is that Cesium’s PolygonGeometry does not handle polygons that are perpendicular to the Earth. So while the bug manifests in your KML file, it’s not a KML bug, strictly speaking.

We would be happy to take a pull request if anyone wants to work on it.