Minor KML Issues

I was doing some heavy lifting in KML recently and found the following minor issues with KML generation:

  • Null icons () will still render a basic icon in cesium (stylemap or no).
  • PolyStyle’s with a outline with a width don’t pull the line width of the outline line.
  • This one is apparently idiosyncratic of Google Earth and I don’t really like this behavior, but here it is nonetheless:
  • A 0% opaque (fully transparent) polygon will still accept click events and return the balloon in Google Earth, but not cesium.

No real deal breakers.

Thanks Denver, the first two should be easy to take care of for the next release. The last one might be more difficult and while I’ll make a note of it, we probably won’t try to replicate it anytime soon (unless there’s a really good use case where it’s needed). I’m not even sure how possible it is in our picking architecture.

Yeah, #3 was a surprising behavior, and not really one I like from a user perspective. Its easy enough to work around by setting the transparency to 0.99