STK Terrain Server beta

Hey everyone,

I’m looking for a few more people to help me out by beta testing our new STK Terrain Server product. What is STK Terrain Server? I’m glad you asked!

STK Terrain Server makes it really easy to bring your own terrain data into Cesium. You provide it with raw raster terrain data files, in almost any format and map projection, and STK Terrain Server processes them into a terrain tileset for use with Cesium. STK Terrain Server can also layer or mosaic together multiple raw sources of data, creating a composite tileset that, for example, has medium-resolution elevation data for the entire world and very high resolution elevation data for a smaller area of interest. The tiles created are meshes, also known as TINs in GIS circles, so they minimize the number of triangles that Cesium needs to render while also offering excellent visual quality.

STK Terrain Server is also useful if you don’t have your own terrain data, but you want access to ours from within a private network.

STK Terrain Server will be available commercially in a the next few months. It is being created by Analytical Graphics, Inc., the company that has funded the vast majority of the open source Cesium development. If you’re interested in joining the beta program, please send me an email privately (, preferably in the next couple of days, and include answers to the following questions:

  1. Full name

  2. Company or organization

  3. Mailing address

  4. Telephone number

  5. The hardware and OS of the system on which you’ll install the beta version of STK Terrain Server

  6. A brief summary of what you’re doing with Cesium, and with terrain in particular.

The beta version of STK Terrain Server requires a Windows OS and Internet Information Services (IIS) v7.0+. Other configurations will likely be supported in the future, but you’ll need to have this one available in order to be in the beta program.

Our main expectations from beta participants are that they install the server, try it out with their own data and their own applications, and that they provide us feedback on how this all went within a couple of weeks or so.