Storing the Location Set in Cesium Ion for Offline Use


I have a data set uploaded to Cesium Ion (Asset ID 1559102). The data was uploaded as a 3D Capture from a set of .obj files. The location information of the tiles gets lost in the upload so I have set the location manually.

I am using the Cesium plugin for Unreal to load this asset and place it on top of the Cesium World Terrain. The updated location data works fine when I load the asset from the Cesium server. But when I download the asset and load it from my local file system - the location information seems to be lost.

Is there a way to store the location set in Cesium Ion to the files that get downloaded for offline use? Or, alternatively, is there a way to specify the location of .obj based tiles that Cesium Ion will recognize?

This is the original source of the data.


Thanks for reporting this issue Tim.

I assume by “download” you are referring to the “Make available for download” toggle?

What you are describing is very odd because we modify the root transform of the tileset directly, so any changes in the location should be reflected when you download the asset.

However, if you had previously made the asset available for download, then those changes would not be reflected after the fact (which is something we should fix on our end).

So the bug could be on the Unreal side, or it could be on the ion side, depending on what that toggle was enabled.

If you could provide some more details, that would be a big help; but I think there is at least one issue here either way and I’ll reach back to the Unreal team to see what they think.



Hi Matt,

Thanks to your reply I have discovered the source of my issue.

I was uploading the Tileset with the “Make Available for Offline Download” setting checked, then setting the location, then downloading it.

What I needed to do was upload the Tileset with “Make Available for Offline Download” unchecked, then set the location, then toggle the “Make Available for Offline Download” setting and download it. I just tested this through to Cesium for Unreal and the location had been set correctly.

It would be nice if setting the location affected the download for a Tileset that was previously made available for offline download. Having to make it available after setting the location is not immediately intuitive for the user.

Many thanks for the help!


Thanks for reporting back, Tim!

Glad you have a workaround in the meantime. I absolutely agree that order of operations should not matter and updating the location should be reflected in the archived zip. I’ve written up an issue internally so that we get this fixed.