Make Available for Offline Download Stalling at the End


I am trying to upload a large dataset to Cesium Ion (Asset ID 1566088). I am setting the location of the dataset after uploading, so the process I follow is this:

  • Upload the data as 3D Tiles
  • Set the location of the Tileset
  • Enable “Make Available for Offline Download”

After enabling offline download, the data appears to start archiving but it never completes. I have tried a few times but the current attempt has been hung up at 5910.37 MB for almost a day now.

I have 15GB+ space available in my account, so space doesn’t seem to be an issue.

Any ideas on what may be happening here?


Thanks for reporting this, Tim. And I apologize that you’ve ran into a problem.

I’ve written up an issue for our team to investigate ASAP and will have a response for you early next week.

Tim, this issue has been identified and fixed. The archive you were having issues with has been restarted and should be available for download.

Thanks again for reporting the issue and please let us know if you encounter any additional problems.


Thanks Matt!

I just tested this through to Cesium for Unreal and it seems to be working correctly.