Stream 3D Models generated via Photogrammetry


I'd like to stream high quality 3d Landscapes, generated via photogrammetry with ortho images.
Is this already possible - with LOD? how would I go about this - should I use 3D Tiles? Should I wait until 3D Tiles is more complete?
The data consists of several small 3D pieces in obj format with texture -> I was already able to transform them into gltf. So I guess I have to generate several LOD models to allow a better streaming experiance.
But so far I wasn't even able to display any of the gltf files.

I hope you can help me! Thanks!

Hi George,

It depends on what your data is. For landscapes, it would probably make the most sense to convert your data to a quantized mesh for terrain and create an imagery layer to overlay on top of it. I believe that’s what Dr. Matt Nolan did for his FodarEarth application (see this demo:

If you have building data or some other type of non-terrain data, it would probably make more sense to use 3D Tiles.