Summer of code idea

Potentially a small graph along the bottom showing km or miles?

One that adjusts as you zoom in?

Maybe one on the left showing elevation too?


  • Adam

Thanks for the ideas Adam. These actually only require a bit of code so they are not scoped quite right for a summer project.


Ah okay Patrick,

Didn’t realize it was so easy to do.

Is it on the roadmap by chance?


  • Adam

Can I also suggest a geometry editor as in, for instance, the drawing library of Google Maps v3 api? I didn't see it in the current roadmap.

Thanks for the input.

For the geometry editor, I don’t know that it will be part of the Cesium API itself, but there is already the start of some examples. See “Drag to Draw an Extent” in the Sandcastle Picking example. There’s more discussion here. This is something we are likely to evaluate if we do WFS for Google Summer of Code as a lot of folks want to do feature editing with WFS.

For the evaluation display, it’s a possibility that we’ll add a stock one, but it’s not a term-near priority. Someone who works more closely in this area will have a better perspective than me though.


Yes, I started from the draw extent code indeed. I am bumping into one issue though, is the lack of some mouse events. I need to be able to drag and drop primitives on the globe for the shape editor. To do this I am using left up/down and mouse move events. However I would also need at least the mouse out event. Any easy way to add this event to the API?

It sounds like something we should support. Dan or Ed?


You can just use the native JavaScript mouse events (or any library that builds on them). Cesium doesn’t offer any added value to a mouseout event. Just attach an event listener for it.