New Idea for GSOC 2015

I came up with this idea to integrate WebGL to draw the primitive geometries on Cesium Maps. Let’s take an example, we want to create a simple rectangle on a cesium map, then we have to write few lines of code as described here. For simple shapes it is short and readable but for complex shapes it is long and difficult to understand. So, what if we can develop a new UI in which we can drag and drop a rectangle from a set of pre-defined geometries (like circle, square, rectangle, sphere, ellipse, box) then we can set it dimensions by click and drag method, change its color from a color picker module, set its alpha value with the help of a slider and finally set its location by providing the required coordinates. Also, we can add the description, if reuqired. Similarly, from this module we can go for complex tasks and other functions like camera, 3D models and appearances etc.


  1. It makes the entire process of creation of new shapes very easy.

  2. No more long codes to worry about and debug them to get the desired result.

  3. Simple and interactive interface.

  4. Creation of complex geometries becomes easy and many more.

I request mentors and other members of this group, to go through this proposal and suggest improvements.

I also request the mentors to create a channel at an IRC service (eg. freenode) where we can have discussions and share our ideas.

Thank You for your valuable time.


Sourav, while you’re ideas are certainly in the right place, my main concern would be the size and scope of a project like this. I think it’s many months worth of work that won’t fit into the timeframe for GSoC. I would recommend you pick one major idea from your list and work on that, it would give your proposal a much better chance of being accepted. I just added a similar idea to our project page for writing out CZML:

Also, for all students interested in a project, unless you have other large code examples of your work that you can link to from your proposal; we highly recommend you follow our Contributor’s Guide for setting up a development environment and start participating in Cesium development in order to show you have the skills necessary to implement what you are proposing.