SVG Icons in Firefox

I was testing with SVG icons, as per the recent post ,

things worked well in Chrome, then tested in Firefox and things went sideways.
The demo provided in the article is also throwing the same error

using firefox 39.0, IE 11 grinds to a halt on the demo

Any one else seeing the same issues with firefox?

What do you mean by “sideways”?

What error message did you get?

Is the demo working when you remove the billboard code?

“sideways” just a euphemism for errors being thrown and things not rendering properly

the error message is :
"Error loading image for billboard: DeveloperError: Width must be less than or equal to the maximum texture size (8192). Check maximumTextureSize.

Error: WebGL: A texture is going to be rendered as if it were black, as per the OpenGL ES 2.0.24 spec section 3.8.2, because it is a 2D texture, with a minification filter requiring a mipmap, and is not mipmap complete (as defined in section 3.7.10).

I posted a bug regarding the SVG icons

for firefox the svg needs to be adjusted, height and width need to set outside of the style, Matthew Amato, tweeked my SVG code and got it to work for firefox, IE11 also worked,

Yonatan, I think setting the size will help if your still looking at things

Also, just tried the Cesium and the SVG example with the Microsoft edge browser in Windows 10, my adjusted icons look alright there also.

The BIKS example, , loads up, but the icons don’t render properly, probably the size issue again