KML Icon Error

1. A concise explanation of the problem you’re experiencing.

Any KML with an Icon gives me the following error. The ContextLimits.maximumTextureSize is always zero for these billboards, but was initialized to 16,384 if I put a breakpoint in Context.js. I am loading simple pngs and have even tried the sample kml and icon (served locally) from the sandcastle example.

It works fine for me in the sandcastle in browser, but fails when running in my electron app.

Any ideas?

Error loading image for billboard: DeveloperError: Width must be less than or equal to the maximum texture size (0). Check maximumTextureSize.
at new DeveloperError (/Users/chet/dev/raid-vue/node_modules/cesium/Source/Core/DeveloperError.js:43)
at new Texture (/Users/chet/dev/raid-vue/node_modules/cesium/Source/Renderer/Texture.js:122)
at resizeAtlas (/Users/chet/dev/raid-vue/node_modules/cesium/Source/Scene/TextureAtlas.js:229)
at addImage (/Users/chet/dev/raid-vue/node_modules/cesium/Source/Scene/TextureAtlas.js:318)
at /Users/chet/dev/raid-vue/node_modules/cesium/Source/Scene/TextureAtlas.js:375
at Promise.then (/Users/chet/dev/raid-vue/node_modules/cesium/Source/ThirdParty/when.js:196)
at /Users/chet/dev/raid-vue/node_modules/cesium/Source/ThirdParty/when.js:297
at processQueue (/Users/chet/dev/raid-vue/node_modules/cesium/Source/ThirdParty/when.js:647)
at _resolve (/Users/chet/dev/raid-vue/node_modules/cesium/Source/ThirdParty/when.js:333)
at promiseResolve (/Users/chet/dev/raid-vue/node_modules/cesium/Source/ThirdParty/when.js:359)


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4. The Cesium version you’re using, your operating system and browser.

I am running in an electron app with Cesium 1.62.

Were you able to figure out a solution? I just started having this issue recently also.

No, I ended up removing icons from my kml and creating them manually.

What is your environment? (electron?)

No, React. However, it turns out it was how I was importing the module. My IDE was defaulting to the full node_modules import and I hadn’t noticed (along the lines of cesium/Source/...), however one of our developers had updated the build to allow for import {...} from 'cesium' by having it injected directly into the HTML. So the contradicting imports lead to it not properly loading sections during runtime, specifically the draw context.

Thanks, that gives me an idea of what might be happening in my environment.

@chet.brittingham / @Paul_Susmarski, I’m experiencing a similar problem. Did either of you reach a working solution and could elaborate on what you did to fix it?

I was having issues with my imports, not sure if @chet.brittingham had a different solution.