Error while uploading Vector type asset in cesium Ion.


I am uploading a Vector file in cesium Ion. File is uploaded successfully and draw the location point also. But the icons are not visible on map and getting "Error loading image for billboard: Request has failed" error in console.

The file I am uploading contains the image icon "".

This is the sandcastle link:

Is there any way to show the image icon on map with cesium?


Are you upload a KML file to ion? Hosting/tiling vector data into 3D Tiles isn’t available yet (there is a beta feature to host vector data on ion that’s in development).

Have you tried loading the KML file directly like in this example:

I would try this (whether hosted locally or on your own server) just to see where the issue is. The labels should be able to be displayed just fine in Cesium. This is another example of displaying PNG icons in Cesium: