Synthetic environment for computer vision

Hi I am new to Unreal, let alone the Unreal + Cesium integration.

If I specified a camera location somewhere in the world, could I then adjust the weather conditions in real time like they do in this video?

Similarly, do plugins exist to simulate lidar point clouds or computer vision image segmentation like shown in this video?

Hi @alexvizgard,

You can certainly specify a camera location and then adjust lighting conditions. However, Cesium doesn’t come with weather conditions out of the box. This tutorial may be helpful for a base understanding of the lighting system. Beyond that, you may want to look into other weather plugins for your specific needs. There are also several tutorials about creating such a system available on Youtube, if you want to try it yourself.

As for simulating lidar point clouds, I haven’t seen anything like that. If you have a point cloud file, you will eventually be able to load it in Unreal through the Cesium plugin, but I can’t speak to any tools for simulating a point-cloud like effect.