Teleport line point does not fall on the surface


my project platform target is mobile. any solution of this issue?

Hello @terzogenito!

Can you provide a little more information?

  • Are you able to teleport? If not then the line trace is not colliding with CesiumWorldTerrain and you would have to review the collision object type that the CesiumWorldTerrain is.
  • Does this happen when you are in normal view? Or only when you are in earth view (as your picture shows)
  • Are there any custom shaders applied to the CesiumWorldTerrain? If it is translucent and has a higher sort priority than the line trace renderer’s material, the world would show up on top of the line trace.


Yes i able to teleport, but after teleport in normal view, i’m at the right coordinate and wrong negative elevation. No any custom shader applied.