terrain and imagery LOD linkage?

I have created a couple of imagery and terrain datasets. I have noticed that the higher LODs .terrain files do not load if the imagery resolution is very low (NaturalEarthII for instance). Is there any way to load the highest resolution terrain while using something like NaturalEarthII?



Are you using Cesium ion? Cesium actually does load the most detailed (highest resolution) terrain that’s available, but the imagery may not be detailed enough to match the terrain. Thus, the terrain might not be very visible, but it should be there.

Currently uploading imagery onto Cesium ion doesn’t have the option of overlaying it on your personally uploaded terrain, but you can try it out on a Sandcastle example with the code included in the link. (The code won’t work just yet without your asset IDs and ion access token.)

Let me know if this wasn’t really your question and I hope this helps!