Terrain data for offline application

Where can we source/download the cesium format terrain data set?

Our application is on an offline server so have to server the tiles and terrain data from our own local server.


You can download with Cesium.createWorldTerrain() 's endpoint URL using a simple downloader.

See this

But wonder if it is a violation of Cesium or not.


There’s a “Cesium Terrain Builder” open-source tool that can ingest digital terrain data in common formats, and output Cesium terrain tiles. There’s also a prebuilt Docker image that someone is maintaining:

I was able to use the CTB tool a while back with the ALOS30 terrain dataset ( ALOS Global Digital Surface Model "ALOS World 3D - 30m" (AW3D30) ) , although I had to do a lot of preprocessing to make it work.

The tiles can be served directly off disk by any static file server, but I ended up putting them into an MBTiles-format SQLite container file and writing a small Python server that would query the tile data for each request and return it.

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@ZhefengJin @Mark_Erikson thank you for jumping in here - you both offered great suggestions!