Texture extruded polygons


I am trying to texture the extruded polygons(in my case buildings) with texture. I have the texture data for each of the faces of an extruded polygon.

Now, I know if I make the buildings by extruding every adjacent pair of coordinates to a specified height, I would have the building walls as polygons which I can drape with texture. But I would like to know If there is a way that can directly texture the extruded polygons?


The default geometries don’t currently support draping textures along the sides. You would need to use the lower-level Geometry and Appearances to do this, which would include defining a custom geometry with custom texture coordinates. Another option would be to create glTF files from your data and load them instead.

Thanks for the reply Matthew, I had a look at the tutorial, I will try it out and post it here if I face any issues. :slight_smile:


Do you have any result with textured polygon?

Hi Fizrukbet,

I was able to texture the polygons using the lower-level Geometry and Appearances as suggested by Matthew. You can have a look at the draped walls (see attachment), as of now, I have draped everything with a single texture.

PS: I know the buildings don’t have a roof. :stuck_out_tongue:


citygml fme

Hi Matthew, any advice or resource on how to create glTF from polygons (have the data in PostGis), if we have height info too?
I am a big of a beginner with cesium..