Texture resolution in 3D Tiles is forcibly reduced

I’m in trouble when converting 3d model to 3D Tiles using Cesium Ion. Sometimes original texture resolution is reduced at the result of converting. I also checked it by model-tiler.
Is this a specification of converting engine? How can I avoid this?

Thank you

Ideally, two identical camera views would lead to very similar texture resolution whether choosing “3D capture” or “tile as 3D Tiles”, but under the hood they are going through two very different pipelines. Longer term we are unifying these pipeline but differences like this are not very surprising in the current system.

If you are loading the data in CesiumJS, you can lower the tileset.maximumScreenSpaceError property to increase the rate at which higher level textures and geometry are loaded. It defaults to 16, so try reducing to 8. Warning that this can cause more texture memory to be used, so setting it to a very low number could cause CesiumJS to run out of memory depending on the tileset.

If changing the maximumScreenSpaceError has no affect, I’m happy to write up an internal issue for the tiling team to look more closely at; but would need to know a little more about the data your are converting.