textures and .gltf files

I have been working under the assumption that textures referenced in a .gltf file and the .gltf file itself have to be on the same server, the references are relative to the server. This is a bit inconvenient and I have tried various possibilities to no avail. I can certainly work with this, but if I am missing something and somebody could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.

Hi Jerrold,

In the current implementation, you are correct. However, glTF should allow absolute paths so the texture could be on another server.

Given the limit of 6 requests per domain in most browsers, we are actually interested in this for 3D buildings so I expect we’ll have a fix in the next few releases.

Keep in mind that if the server with the textures is not the same as the server with the app, the texture server will need CORS headers or a proxy.


Thanks for your quick response. Again, this is really just an inconvenience for us. It just means making sure we move stuff from here to there.


Gotcha. Keep an eye on CHANGES.md in the next few Cesium releases. I’ll also try to update this thread when Cesium is updated.


Jerry - I also submitted #2911 for this.


Jerry - I think this is a CORS issue, see the discussion in #2911.