Cesium model 3d no load textures


I use this model 3d obj https://free3d.com/3d-model/bell-206-84112.html,

**I try converter to glb but the textures no load. ****Please help. **

The texture paths in the .mtl file are formatted like /Maps/ArchM_73_09_diff.jpg which defaults to the root directory (on Windows at least). If you put a period before the paths it should convert correctly. If the online converter doesn’t work try using obj2gltf directly - https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/obj2gltf.

I attached the updated mtl file, the glTF file, and a screenshot.

Bell206.mtl (1.42 KB)

Bell206.gltf (4.17 MB)



But now I have other problem, the file gltf not found " GET http://localhost:8080/Apps/models/Bell206/ 404 (Not Found) "

I don´t understand, the path is incomplete.

I use CZML “gltf” : “./models/Bell206/Bell206.gltf”




Hm I’m not sure, can you attach the full czml?

Hi, I think it is no problem of czml. I use Cesium Air model and it works fine :confused:


Is problem for my cesium versium, I use 1.34 and it´s resolved in 1.36.