gltf texture didn't show up.


I’m new to 3D and so I did a simple object and hope it can be shown in Cesium. I’m using Blender. I do read previous posts regarding collada to gltf conversion. I can see the model correctly with texture in the online gltf converter. However, when I load it into Cesium, no texture shown (a pure black object).

Beside this, I also tested (for fun only) with this online game model. I convert fbx --> collada --> gltf. Still, model can show correctly but no textures.

Anyone could help? Appreciate greatly.




pyramid3.dae (11.9 KB)

Hi Naro,

Check out the tips for exporting COLLADA from Blender:

Also checkout the troubleshooting section of the 3D models tutorial:

The texture loads for me in Cesium, but is partly black. I suspect this is an issue with Blender COLLADA export since the COLLADA file does not load in Mac Preview.


Hi Patrick,

Thank you for your help. Using Xcode to open and re-export the collada file solved the problem.

The Blender generated collada file (.dae) looks slightly different from the Xcode one’s. Looks like Blender generated files got some lighting issue. (even though I’ve set it to 'Shadeless") I’ll explore the root cause.



在 2015年1月6日星期二UTC+8下午8时18分53秒,Patrick Cozzi写道:


Thanks for the update.

If you figure out a Blender workaround, please let us know and we’ll add it to the glTF for Artists guide.