The back of triangle hasn't be rendered

Here is my code,
the front of triangle was rendered correctly,but the backside wasn’t, anyone knows why?


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Thank you very much for sending over this sandcastle demo :grinning: Initially, the triangle appears.


However, from my testing, I was able to confirm that the backside of the triangle was not rendering.


I also noticed that once the backside of the triangle de-renderers, so does the front side. Did you also notice this behavior? What are your goals with this application?


Thank you for your reply!
I want to render both sides of the triangle at the same time, what should i do?


I recommend using a CZML Polygon to create a triangle. This method is fast, easy, and robust. Here is a link to the CZML Polygon documentation to get you started: Polygon · AnalyticalGraphicsInc/czml-writer Wiki · GitHub

There are also some cool demos on sandcastle that showcase some advanced CZML Polyugon functionality such as interpolation.

Be sure to check out the CZML tab in our Gallery on sandcastle.