The CZML entry moves incorrectly along with mouse dragging in the viewer

Hi everyone! By loading czml, the czml entry should keep the original location when mouse left dragging the viewer. However, the entry moves around as well. Do you have any idea what’s wrong with it? Czml side or the Cesium JS side? Thanks in advance. Please see it with the link:

One thing we know is that the Entity is located underground.
Try not to set Terrain.

Initially, the entry is above the ground. However, it may go to underground after mouse dragging the viewer. Even if the altitude values are changed to be higher, the entry still moves around.

i think, It’s actually underground, but it doesn’t occlude, so it looks like it’s above ground.
The sandcastle link was wrong.
Here is the correct one.

I agree. I’ll double check the if the altitude values are correct. Then see what’s going on. Thank you very much!

I double checked the coordinates, actually the coordinates are correct. Even if I draw one point, the entry still moves incorrectly. I need the terrain. May terrain have issues in that area? Please see the link:

There are several methods, but one is to get the height with Cesium.sampleTerrain(), add the height of the entity to the obtained height, and set the position of the entity to place it on the ground.

That’s great! Thank you very much!