The position of assets is different


I upload the model file to S3 and use that file to create new assets with the create assets REST API.
The parameter of the REST API is this.

  name: 'file_name',
  description: 'desc',
  type: '3DTILES',
  options: {
   '3D_MODEL', // sourceType
    position: [
      139, // longitude
      35,  // latitude
      1200, // height
  from: {
    type: 'S3',
    bucket: 'bucket_name',
    keys: ['/file_name'],
    credentials: {
      accessKey: 'access_key',
      secretAccessKey: 'secret_access_key',

Since the model file does not have positions, I let the parameters have the positions entered on the screen.

3D Tiles Location Editor in Cesium ion

However, the position of the created asset is a little different.
Why is this?

Thanks for your help.

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