The Water mask is not working

Hi, I am new to Ceisum. I am using it in my project in UE 5.1. I have the terrain imagery working fine for the area in Sweden (Latitude: 59.01015, Longitude: 15.026106) but the water mask doesn’t seem to work for me. Is the data on water bodies missing in this area? How can I make it up for it?

I have tried CesiumCartographicPolygon tool but doing it for each water body will be cumbersome.

I also tried uploading the water mask survey data that I have in jpeg/png form. But it says “One or more files are not georeferenced”, how can I make it georeferenced?

Generally the water mask is only available for oceans, not inland water bodies. Creating a separate water mask raster overlay is probably your best bet. What format is your water mask survey data in? It’s a bit unusual to have geospatial data in JPG/PNG format. Typically the data would be available as a GeoTIFF, which has embedded georeferencing information.

Thanks for the quick response. I have the masks in PNG format. Apparently, I acquired the survey data from all over the internet and it only has coordinates marked in its name for where the tile should be eg. 1234_5678.png.

Is there some way to convert this png file in the GeoTIFF and make use of the name(x,y coordinates) to reference where the raster should be?

You can probably use a tool like QGIS or GDAL to do it, but I don’t know the details to help you more specifically than that.

Thanks, that’ll help.