TileMapServiceTerrainProvider not supported?

Hi all,

just a simple question: is the old TileMapServiceTerrainProvider gone? I’m supposed to bring an old CesiumJS site up to speed with elevation data that should be hosted on an on-premices server. Any suggestions?


I think this was renamed to ArgGisImageServerTerrainProvider which was removed for the reasons stated here: https://github.com/CesiumGS/cesium/issues/4955

Does this sound right @Kevin_Ring?

I had forgotten TileMapServiceTerrainProvider even existed. I think we removed it ~7 years ago:

Mantesat, I think your best bet is to migrate your terrain data to a format supported by CesiumTerrainProvider (probably heightmap-1.0). Or, take a look at how CesiumTerrainProvider works and copy/modify it to work with your terrain data. Cesium has quite a lot of flexibility internally in HeightmapTerrainData in how it accesses raster terrain.


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