Tiles not loading accumulates

Many posts similar but I think this is new for the Community. We have 8 unreal 4.27.2 apps running the 1.18 cesium release that show the same error randomly. Over time using the app tiles will slowly drop out and stop loading. Once a tile stops loading it is doomed and never loads again. The tile can be very specific and be one of the LOD levels. In the linked video you can see different zoom levels with different tile dropouts. Refreshing the tileset does not refresh whatever lost “pointer” exists and the same tiles are not restored. The Output Log just shows “done” when refreshing the tileset. There are no errors.

Is there a more verbose log mode? Is there any way to debug this? Could this be due to a network transaction timeout and if so could cesium retry or at least report this? Maybe setting up a local tileserver would help but if we are chasing a unhandled timeout this seems precarious.

Hope this video link works for you:

Bumping this one. @Kevin_Ring What’s the best way to debug or log the loading of individual tiles?

There’s no “extra info” mode, so your best bet is to step through the code to see what’s going wrong. It could be along the lines of the web server returning a success code but a bad response, which then gets cached. A proper error response fro the server should not get cached.