tiles of bingMapRoad in cesium is "flattened vertically" when compared to actual bing maps.

Hello Mathew/Patrick,

we are rendering the bing map road layer rendering on the map using the below code:

var bing = new Cesium.BingMapsImageryProvider({

url : ‘//dev.virtualearth.net’,

key : ‘some key value’,

mapStyle : Cesium.BingMapsStyle.ROAD


and it is rendering fine but there is slight issue over the clarity of the map when compared to actual bing map,

  1. the bing map rendered through cesium imagery provider is flattened vertically, when compared to the actual bing map

  2. the labels are big when compared to the actual bing map

  3. Tiles displayed in Bing Map using cesium are generally “fuzzy” compared to actual Bing Maps directly.

please find the attachments for the comparison between the two, could you please let us know as how to go about it to improve the blurr image of the tiles .

even in the sandcastle the issue persists.

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Add this line of code to your application and your problems will go away:

viewer.scene.globe.maximumScreenSpaceError = 1;

maximumScreenSpaceError is the number of “incorrect pixels” we allow for each tile before we refine down to the next level (same setting applies to terrain as well). For bandwidth and performance reasons, Cesium currently defaults to maximumScreenSpaceError of 2. The problem is that in 3D views, particularly horizon views, Cesium ends up requesting a ton of tiles and defaulting to 2 provides better performance and uses less bandwidth.

The good news is that we are actively looking at improving Cesium in this area and hopefully one day soon, we’ll be defaulting to 1 out of the box.

Hello Mathew,

thanks for the quick reply.

thanks and regards


Hello Mathew,

with the changes suggested by you regarding the maximumScreenSpaceError setting to 1 we could see the improvement on the bingmap , but

we needed more clarity on the Bing map, hence made changes at the brightness, contrast,gamma and saturation as given in the attached file in sandcastle,

but still we are unable to get the look of the atcual bing map (https://www.bing.com/mapspreview), have attached both the images for comparision.

please let me know what else can be done to improve further on the clarity of the BingMap.

it would be great if you could supply us with the default values of brightness, clarity, saturation and gamma used by Bing Map API, for us to get the exact replica of the bing map.

thanks a lot.

thanks and regards,


Sorry not get getting back to you sooner about this. I submitted a new issue for us to look at this:


I’ll reply to this thread again when we have a fix or workaround.