tilting 3D map on Mac trackpad (sans middle mouse button)?


I wonder what the proper way is to tilt a 3D map displayed with Cesium
on a Mac with a trackpad - which is not a mouse and doesn't have a third
mouse button?

any pointers welcome,


Hi Akos,

I don’t think this is possible without an external mouse. Perhaps a two finger swipe would be nice.

The camera tutorial shows you how to override the defaults: http://cesium.agi.com/2013/02/13/Cesium-Camera-Tutorial/

Contributions welcome here.



I don't have a Mac myself, but a friend was asking. thus I don't really
know what would be the right UI interface either :slight_smile:

Hold either of the 'alt' keys on the keyboard while dragging 2 fingers up or down the track pad to tilt 3d on maps. Done.

For me it’s ctl-drag to tilt