Cannot rotate/tilt on Firefox Mac

Hi Folks:

I wonder if anyone here has run into this issue. When I use a Cesium application, I am not able to rotate nor tilt the globe view when using Firefox (v39.0) on Mac. Control-Left Click does nothing, and since I am using a trackpad, there is no middle mouse button to try.

Any ideas?

Thank you,


I’ve noticed this for a while, and I was hoping this was a Firefox bug that would get fixed someday. Basically, on Firefox in OS X it’s impossible to ctrl-left click. Firefox sends ctrl-right click, incorrectly in my opinion, and unlike Safari/Chrome.

I opened a pull request to additionally bind ctrl-right-drag for tilt.

That would be awesome! I suppose with a trackpad that would translate to control-two-finger drag, right?



Easier. Control-one-finger-click-and-drag on a trackpad will work for tilting, as you originally expected.

(Control-two-finger-click-and-drag will also work, but that’s just a side effect)