Tool to convert CZML to 3d corridor available?

Is there a tool which converts a CZML to a 3d corridor?

Context: If CZML is underground, lifting up the CZML an amount of meters like!searchin/cesium-dev/czml$202019|sort:date/cesium-dev/ioU_gWnaldE/1nHRFTquFQAJ

does not satisfy.

I think that a prismatic formed corridor with a proper height that is pulled along a CZML based skeleton would be a better solution.

Thx in advance for your useful hints


Remark - this is a rather bad solution:

Remain the CZML as original “underground” and change the path to width 100 (example).

Reason: it looks bad because of the zig-zag of the CZML.


Can you describe a bit more what you’re trying to visualize? Maybe share a screenshot of your CZML file visualized in CesiumJS?

You could set an extruded height like in this example to extrude your corridor in 3D with CZML:

Thx for your information. I will further use czml polylines although they do not clamp to ground.

My problem is solved for this time.