Turn a model

Hi, I like to turn the plane in the 3Dmodels Showcase but how? it is always pointing in east direction.

pls help me out, Henk

I haven’t tried the 3D model showcase before, it seems to already have rotate around an arbitrary point, I gotta figure how it does this.

As you mousewheel out the plane becomes very large in relation to the Earth. At first I thought the plane was just following the camera backward, but you can verify the ‘apparent distance’ by placing the camera and the plane on opposite sides of the Earth. I’m not sure if this is a bug or a feature, could be a feature so the plane doesn’t become too small to see as it is a demo after all.

You can choose between these orientations by changing the modelMatrix transform:

eastNorthUpToFixedFrame nose: east, left_wing:north, vert_stablizer: up

northEastDownToFixedFrame nose:north, left_wing:east, vert_stabilizer: down

northUpEastToFixedFrame nose: north, left_wing: up, vert_stabilizer: east

I haven’t yet looked into making arbitrary transforms.


The model’s modelMatrix property can be used to set its position/rotation/scale using a 4x4 matrix. See the helper functions for constructing a rotation matrix and the functions for multiplying matrices in Matrix4.js.

In Cesium 1.6 (February 2), this will be much easier. For work-in-progress, see the heading, pitch, roll branch and the implicit-properties branch.


Thanks Patric! it's working now. i can go on now with my project to follow planes in realtime in 3d. (like a flightsim). it's no easy stuff, i am 67 years old...

Sounds cool. Send us a link when you have a demo.