Model Direction/Orientation

I've noticed a couple people have posted about this or about something similar but have not received any response...

Is there a way to make a model point in the direct its moving?

Also, is there a way to fix one end of a model to one point and the other end of that model to another point. So lets say you have a simple rectangle. How would you fix the bottom of the rectangle to a point on the globe and the top of the rectangle to something moving in the air. Like another model. Maybe a cloud or something. That way the rectangle might move in a cone like shape or it might be vertical at times or horizontal. It depends. Does this make sense?

Can this be done? I've been searching through the Cesium API and am trying to use dynamicModel/dynamicObject but I'm getting stuck with the whole fixing the points part.

Also, how would you get the coordinates of those points on the model?