Ubuntu 64bit build


I just tried a Cesium build under a fresh 64bit Ubuntu 12.04 install. It comes up with some non-intuitive ‘file does not exist’ message on Tools/nodejs-0.6.17/linux/node. To run that 32 bit binary I had to install 32 bit libraries via…

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

It might be worth adding a note in the contributor’s guide if it’s not already in there, or even better, adding a 64bit node binary into the repo and build config.


Scott - any thoughts on this? I’m happy to just add something to the contributor’s guide unless this turns out to be a widely used dev setup.


FYI. I added a note to the Contributor’s Guide. Thanks Chris.


Just walked through this with Chris now (I'm also on 64bit linux). It seems that in Ubuntu 13.10 though the required command is:

sudo apt-get install lib32z1

If you try and run the original command you get the feedback from apt though so it's probably not such a big deal...