UE 5.3 Changing Latitude/Longitude NE

In UE 5.2 the Latitude and Longitude is NE and in 5.3 you can change Between SW SE NW NE.
I want the values to be in NE but how can i change these values in a blueprint?

Unreal Engine 5.3

UnrealEngine 5.3

UnrealEngine 5.2

UnrealEngine 5.2

Sorry my bad, I mixed up, In the Details panel Latitude comes first,
But Longitude comes first in the “SetOrginLongitudelatitudeHeight”

Sounds like you figured it out, but just for anyone finding this in the future:

  1. The N/S, E/W selectors are a UI only thing. In Blueprints and C++, coordinates are always decimal degrees.
  2. In the UI, latitude is first (consistent with how we usually talk about these coordinates). In code, longitude is first (consistent with other APIs, and the idea that longitude is like “X” and latitude is like “Y”). There’s no right answer here, and whatever we do will confuse someone.