UE5.2 | Cesium v2.0 Package Fail

Hello, upgraded to v2.0 and receiving the below error when packaging? Discovered it only happens when packaging for Linux.

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Hi, following up on this as it’s pretty urgent? Thanks

Hi @clint,

Did you download Cesium for Unreal from the marketplace? Or are you compiling from source?

Hi Janine,

I downloaded from the marketplace.


Ok I looked into this and it appears that the version of the plugin built by Epic has - for no apparent reason - changed the case of some of our files. Most likely they had a dirty directory (perhaps from a pervious version) when they built the plugin. I’ll reach out to Epic and try to get this fixed, but in the meantime you can install our build of the plugin, which is created by an automated process on a clean machine. You can find it here:

Steps for installing the Cesium-built plugin can be found here:

Hello, have you solved this problem and how did you solve it

This is an old problem that should no longer be an issue. If you’re seeing it now, please check that you haven’t extracted one version of Cesium for Unreal over the top of another. When switching versions, always completely delete the old one before extracting the new one in its place. If that isn’t the problem, please provide more details about the problem, such as:

  • What version of Cesium for Unreal?
  • What version of Unreal Engine?
  • How did you install Cesium for Unreal? Via the Unreal Marketplace? Some other way?
  • Exactly what errors are you seeing, and when do you see them?

Hi Kevin,

This isn’t an issue anymore thanks. For following up.

Kind Regards,

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