UE5 - Disable Dynamic Shadow of Cesium Terrain

I am getting the following warning once I run the Map Check in Unreal 5.

https://assets.cesium.com/1/13/11728/4696.terrain?v=1.2.0&extensions=octvertexnormals-metadata upsampled L16-X93825-Y37575 mesh 0 primitive 0 Large actor receives a pre-shadow and will cause an extreme performance hit unless bCastDynamicShadow is set to false. 

How can I disable this feature to elimanate this warning?

In CesiumSunSky under Skylight and atmosphere search Dynamic and untick Cast Dynamic Shadow.

Hi @leonuk ,
Thanks for the replay. I am not using the cesium sun sky actor and these are the components that I used in this level. I untick the cast dynamic shadow under the Directional light, but still, I am getting that warning.

Hey @shefypattambi,

Thanks for posting about this. I’ve made an issue to track the warning here. The issue also includes some links for further reading on the warning.

I don’t currently have a workaround to suggest, but we will look into it. It looks like this performance hit is most likely to occur when the large actors are moved. If you are experiencing performance issues you may want to avoid moving the Georeference Origin as much as possible.


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Thanks, Alex. My georeference origin is fixed. So I hope it will not affect the performance much in this case!

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