UE5 - Niagara System Effect Can Only Show When Earth Moving

I’m currently trying to use the niagara system to visualize the global wind field. The problem I have now is that when the earth moves, the wind field is displayed normally, but when it stops moving, the wind field disappears and cannot be displayed.

Is there a special post-processing event in Cesium For Unreal that causes the Niagara System Effect to be blocked?

Hi @wishchengkun,

Not that I can think of. Cesium for Unreal creates a fairly normal UStaticMeshComponent for each tile. I’m not sure what you’re seeing, but maybe it would help to see a video of it and hear more details about how things work?


Hi @Kevin_Ring
There is a video of the problem, the Niagara System Effect Line disapear when stop moving. The correct result should be that the wind field is always displayed.