Unable to load 3DTiles 1.1

Hello everyone!
I have a CityGML dataset of some buildings, which I’m converting to 3DTiles 1.0 (using x3dm) and 1.1 (using VCTileConverter). The 3DTileset 1.1 I get seems to be correct (I can open every .glb file), but I’m not able to visualize it using Cesium for Unity. I get no error message, but the tiles are never displayed, and if I check the ‘show tiles in hierarchy’ box, nothing appears…
Is there a reason why this isn’t working?

When you say you get no error message, do you mean you looked in the Console tab and there are no messages about it at all? Have you tried double-clicking the tileset to zoom to it? After you do that, select the CesiumGeoreference and click the “Place Origin Here” button. And then double-click the tileset again for good measure.

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Hello Kevin,
Thank you for your feedback. As I read your message, I realized that this sounded like a coordinates problem: until now, double-clicking on my dataset moved the view over the entire globe. In fact, I was converting to 3D Tiles using the wrong SRS. By correcting this, everything works as expected!
Thanks a lot for your help! :slight_smile: