Unable to load naturalearthdata geojson

With certain datasets from naturalearthdata, while using CesiumJS I experience a direct crash of the renderer, and the geojson file will fail to load.

NASA WorldWind does not crash when using this data. QGIS works with the data. So based on that, I feel this is an implementation difference in CesiumJS.

The error I receive is “Error code: Out of Memory” on the browser, while the renderer states (just before the page crashes with that error),

  1. “Rendering has stopped”
  2. “Range Error: Invalid Array Length”.

An example file of where this occurs is “ne_10m_admin_0_countries_usa.geojson”. It is attached here, or can be downloaded directly from the site: Natural Earth » 1:10m Cultural Vectors - Free vector and raster map data at 1:10m, 1:50m, and 1:110m scales

ne_10m_admin_0_countries_usa.geojson (12.6 MB)

So I was able to read in the data after writing a python script that split it up. Seems like cesiumjs is unable to handle datasets of a certain size?