Understanding Minimum Pixel Size


I had some questions regarding minimumPixelSize and maximumScale for models.

I have been trying to set my models so that they appear at a similar size regardless of their distance away from my camera. The problem is, no matter how high I seem to set the minimumPixelSize for these models, they reach a point where they are no longer visible once very far away.

My understanding of minimumPixelSize is that it is the lower bound for the size of the object as it appears on the screen. Is this understanding correct? If so, how is it possible that objects at a great distance would still disappear as I set higher minimumPixelSizes?

In addition, at what distance from the model does Maximum scale come into effect? Meaning, at what distance from the model is it’s size supposed to start increasing relative to the camera?

EDIT: I figured this out mostly, but there’s still a few things I don’t understand.

So the minimumPixelSize does set a lower bound for the size of an image relative to the viewer, but the maximumScale sets a limit as to how much the size of that object will increase to remain at that size as the camera moves away. That’s why my objects were still disappearing, I thought maximumScale was an upper bound to the size, but it’s really more like an upper limit to the extent of the lower bound.

So what I would like to know now is, is there any way to get the actual size of a model, not in pixels but in meters?