Model scale not working


I need to set scale property of the model but whatever value I am giving it’s not taking that value. The model appears same. I tried it in sand castle also. Could you please help me on this?



Here is an example of using a scale with a model:

var entity = viewer.entities.add({
name : url,
position : position,
orientation : orientation,
model : {
uri : url,
scale : 300.0



Are you using minimumPixelSize?
I thought I had a similar issue until I noticed the impact of this property .

Hi Hannah,

It worked after I commented minimumPixelSize property as willem suggested. Could you please let me know the use of minimumPixelSize property.



The minimumPixelSize property will make sure the model is always drawn above a certain size, so you can still see the model when you zoom out far away from it.
If you don’t specify that property, the model will stay the same size regardless of the camera position.