Particle system scaling

So I’ve been playing around with the Particle System Sandcastle. In the default setting, the model entity scales with Zoom. Removing that (as I have done here, by removing the “minimumPixelSize” setting in the model creation code) means that model is always the “right” size. But the particle system still scales when you zoom in or out, so that a full zoom the “smoke” is like, the size of a city, or the whole planet if you zoom out far enough. I would like to have the particle system be scaled with the zooming the same way the entity is, even to the point of becoming invisible at far zoom levels.

Now I am sure I am missing something very basic here. The other particle examples, which use a particle Canvas, don’t seem to suffer from this (you can zoom all the way in onto the particles). But I odn’t really understand how those work and the link to the “Particle System More Effects Tutorial” just seems to redirect to the Introduction document.

Any thoughts would be appreciated, thank you! I think the particle system is way more impressive looking than most of the examples demonstrate, by the way. The examples make it look quite crude, but if you change the settings dramatically it actually can look like a fairly realistic smoke sim, which I found to be quite surprising, having dismissed it initially!