Unground black areas


I having having some issues with the underground view.

I have set the baseColor and undergroundColor to white and I also have a base imagery layer which is white (a GridImageryProvider) yet I am still setting this large black triangles in different parts when under the map

They seem to move places if I rotate the camera

Does anyone know how this could fixed so everything is white.

Kind regards


Welcome to the community! I have noticed this problem a few times, however it was in a different context. I just found this post that discusses displaying entities underground - you might find this helpful.

A few quick questions:
What is your use case for viewing underground?
Are you trying to prevent the camera from going underground?


Hi Sam

I am looking to display shapes underground which can be viewed if the user drags the camera under the image layer. I have managed to get them be hidden by terrain by using.

scene.globe.depthTestAgainstTerrain = true;

I have also managed to get the camera to pan underground correctly in terms of my use case.

I have set my base colour to

scene.globe.baseColor = Cesium.Color.RED.clone();

scene.globe.undergroundColor = Cesium.Color.GREEN.clone();

I actually do want the underground to be white, the red and green were just tests to see what they change. What is actually setting the white and black in the image I originally posted?

I have read through the thread you posted and can’t seem to find much help with this.

Any support is appreciated


From what I can tell, white and black are the default underground colors. Thus, if you look through the Globe documentation and the Color documentation, you will see that the default color values for the underground are updated as expected.


Awesome thanks sam :slight_smile:

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