Unity SDK. Once I cChange the code, the Unity editor will stop working

Now I have a very strange problem, which has been bothering me for many days. It is confirmed that cesuim is related to unity SDK. Once I change the code, the Unity editor will stop working, and I will open the git download project in 1.3.0 and edit the code directly. I am currently using data that is placed on tomocat and accessing my own computer, which is very frustrating!


I’m not sure I follow. You’re editing the Cesium for Unity itself? And that’s making the Unity Editor hang? Do I have that right?

If so, I’m not sure what would cause it. We edit code in the plugin all the time, and Unity is able to reload just fine. So I guess I’d try:

  • Deleting your project’s Library folder (Unity should recreate it, but back it up just in case!).
  • See if the same thing happens with another project. I suggest Cesium for Unity Samples), because that’s what we use during development.

Thank you for your reply, especially speechless. I found the problem with tile data, but after continuous testing, I didn’t expect it to be due to a problem with one of the tile services. As long as I use this data, I can edit the script and return to Unity, which will happen. There is no reminder for the key unity, and the tile data can be used normally when published. However, when editing the script, it will stop when returning to Unity.

Are you putting your tileset inside the Unity project’s directory? If so, maybe the sheer volume of files is throwing Unity for a loop. You can probably get around that by adding a $ to the end of the name of the directory that contains the tileset. This will keep Unity’s hands off it, but will also mean that Unity won’t automatically package it with your game.