New Cesium Update now closes de Editor

Anyone who experiences the editor shutting down and cant open a project with cesium plugin new update??

Yes… I’m having the same issue… new plugin crashes the editor on launch

@Jamie_Telford can you please attach your log file to Cesium New Update closes the editor · Issue #407 · CesiumGS/cesium-unreal · GitHub? We’re not able to reproduce this so far, but more logs from different systems experiencing the problem will help us debug it. Thanks!

Yeah sure… but the crash is not captured… (17.3 KB)

Interestingly enough I ran a insight session with the editor running with -game switch… and it got up and running with no problems… only if you run a pure editor session does it crash… I rolled back to 1.1.1… which is working no problems… I’ll try compiling the plugin from source on my m/c later today…

oh… while i’ve got yah… whats the scoop on getting exclusion zones working? like where to check if “region” for bounding volumes is in the details pane? chur

We added really basic support for exclusion zones in v1.1.0. It simply discards tiles that are inside a rectangle, so it can exclude quite a large area when you’re zoomed out. But if that works for you, you can find the option under the “Experimental” section of the Tileset properties:

We plan to ship a more robust version of this in the future, but don’t have a definite timeframe for it yet.

Kevin (15.9 KB)
This is my last log opening the project. I have reinstalled the plugin but it keeps shutting down the editor

Can someone clarify on how to use the exclusion zones. What is SWNE? Lat Long? UE Coordinate based off georef?

They are longitudes (west and east) and latitudes (north and south) in decimal degrees.


How do i ensure that my 3d Tile uploaded to cesium ion is set as region?

You can’t, unfortunately. The Exclusion Zone feature is experimental and currently very limited. It’s mostly only useful for Cesium World Terrain and Cesium OSM Buildings (both of which use region bounding volumes). A more robust version is coming.