Upcoming category changes to the Cesium Community Forum

Hello Everyone,

Over the next few days we’re going to change the Community Forum categories to make them more intuitive and to prepare for the upcoming launch of Cesium for Unreal.

The new categories will be:

  • CesiumJS, formerly Support. This better reflects its existing usage.
  • Cesium ion, a new category for questions about Cesium ion, Cesium Stories, tiling pipelines, data curation, availability and requests.
  • Cesium for Unreal, a new category for questions about Cesium for Unreal and using geospatial data in Unreal Engine.
  • General, into which we’ll merge the existing General, Announcements, and Showcases categories. This will make it more obvious where to share the community’s best work and broad geospatial discussions.

What does this mean for you? These updates will:

  • make it more obvious which category to choose for your post,
  • improve search by making filtering more useful, and
  • ensure your questions quickly reach the right Cesium Team members.

We’ll update the category descriptions to help you adjust to the changes. As always, if multiple categories apply, just pick the one that seems best to you.

We hope this will make it even easier for you to take advantage of the years of valuable questions and answers here on the Community Forum, allowing you to focus on building amazing geospatial applications.

Shehzan Mohammed and the Cesium Team

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